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Welcome to the Hoover Gazette where you will find news about the most controversial subjects in the media with everything from Religion to Politics. We do in depth research on present day events.

We will be offering individuals the chance to allow their voice to be heard. It is unfortunate that it has become so hard to trust news casters today with all the hype and ratings. Well, we don’t care about any of that here and therefore at the Hoover Gazette you can always count on us to bring you the facts straight from the horses mouth.

This is our promise to our viewing audience. Now we would like to announce that views of guest posted articles are not the views of Hoover Gazette and we are unable to fact check every contributors story but we do screen stories and the writers to ensure that they are able to provide reputable sources before they submit their stories for publishing.

While we do our best to screen out people who are just out to try and manipulate others there are some cases were facts and opinions may be used interchangeably and we honor the authors views and opinions and do not allow hateful or threatening comments to the writer. If you post a comment that may be taken as hate mail or a threat. We reserve the right to delete and or remove your comments.

Do you have a story that you would like to tell?  We’d love to hear it! Simply comment in the box below and we will contact you.

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