How Should Christians Vote in 2016?

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This is not an article about who you should vote for but is more of a question of why should an evangelical Christian vote for one party or another. I will discuss the 3 different parties I am considering and why and I want to hear which view you side with or if you have a different view then please leave a comment at the bottom of this article.


Quick rant – The problem with debates is that people are always unwilling to understand the position of others and resort to name calling and the hurling of insults instead of listening to another persons views and opinions. It’s sad that we live in such a defensive culture these days and that is why I ask that you only comment if you are able to present your thoughts in a courteous manner.

Trump CardTrump – Why or Why Not?

So, Why Trump? Trump is a little big headed and seems to think he is just what the Dr. ordered. He has claimed to have been pro-choice and is now pro-life. Is he actually Pro-Life or is he just changing his opinion because it is what republicans want to hear? Many claim that he seems very wishy washy.
I also believe that America was formed from immigrants who were looking to make a better life. So, should we be deporting people that are good and hard working individuals? Why not make it cheaper and simpler to become a US citizen?
On the other hand Trump has built his fortune from scratch and while many people claim that his family helped him in the beginning. The truth is that his initial businesses failed and went bankrupt and he rebuilt his business empire from scratch at that point and has learned the hard way how to run a business.
Therefore, If he can build such a grand business empire then it can be assumed that he can do fairly well as president.

Hillary – Why or Why Not?

Hillary SpoofOh my this is a tough one. If you have any reasons why anyone should vote for Hillary please let me know and I’ll consider adding them here. Other than the fact that she is opposed Trump’s idea to Trump’s idea to deport illegal immigrants.
Hillary is against just about everything evangelicals are for. She is in agreement with abortion and this means the slaughter of unborn children. She has already lied to the American people and hid whatever messages she was sending.

imageConservative Party – Why or Why Not?

Most people have no idea what the Conservative party is or that they can vote for anyone else besides Republican or Democrat.
The Conservative party is a “Party of Faith” which means the believe in encouraging people of faith to stand and defend their traditional values and encourages people to buy American products rather than destroying American jobs by shipping them off to other countries.
The Conservative party supports the right to bear arms. The greatest downfall of the Conservative party is that they are not a major competitor in the presidential campaign. People often view voting for the Republican Party as a wasted vote and would rather vote for a major party like republican or democrat rather than voting for a party that is less likely to get enough votes to actually compete with the republican and democratic parties. Since the Conservative party is not a big competitor in the presidential elections people often consider voting for them as a wasted vote.

The Lesser Evil
I see moral and ethical flaws in voting for either Trump or Hillary. I don’t want to vote for Hillary because I don’t want the blood of the unborn on my conscience and I don’t necessarily want to vote for Trump either because there will most likely be a good amount of people killed in the deporting process.
In my opinion I don’t see either candidate as a good option and therefore my conscience tells me that I should not vote for Trump or Hillary and vote for someone like the Conservative party and while I do agree with the views of the Conservative party I have spoken to other people who are much smarter than myself and they have said that they would rather vote for Trump just to make sure that Hillary doesn’t get into office and thus protecting as many unborn children as possible.

Just Throw It Away
So, since the Conservative party is so small and is likely not going to be able to compete with the democrat and republican parties then should I vote for them even though I would basically be throwing my vote away.

On the other hand I could vote for Trump even though I don’t agree with his agenda just to ensure that Hillary doesn’t get into office. The question that I am left with is if I would be betraying my own beliefs by voting for someone who wants to cast people out because they weren’t born on US soil.

You have probably heard the phrase, “You should always stand for what you believe in even if you are standing alone.” Maybe it’s a dumb reason not to make my vote count for a stronger party but it is the dilemma that I am in.

Please feel free to comment below. I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject. Have a blessed day!

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